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Why should you Outsource CAD Drafting for Civil Engineering Design & Architectural 2D & 3D renderings to UR CAD Services?

1. UR CAD Services offers highest quality CAD services at affordable prices

UR CAD Services is based out of India providing comprehensive drafting services for AEC industry and specializing in Civil Engineering Drafting, CAD conversions, CAD drafting, and 3D Rendering services. With over 12 years of combined experience in Civil Engineering Drafting and CAD services, we can assure you of accurate and efficient services delivered to you ahead of your timeline. By outsourcing your CAD Drafting services to URCS, you get professional design services of the highest standard.


We are a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous CAD Services company offering CAD Conversion, Civil Site Engineering Construction Drawings, Land Development Design Services, 3D Architectural Rendering services among other services. We understand our customers and their needs. Our unique and proven process of achieving results has not only made us retain our existing client base but also brought us referrals.  We believe in continuous improvement and operational excellence. We are available to handle urgent project changes with tight deadlines. Working with URCS opens the door to a wide range of specialized services. 

2. UR CAD Services is Reliable and Affordable CAD Drafting Services Company

UR CAD Services has experienced, qualified and skilled civil engineers who are accurate and efficient in assisting with all your requirements in civil engineering drawing services. Civil engineering outsourcing services provided by our company will allow you to reach your final design successfully. With the most effective CAD drafting in civil engineering, land development design and structural engineering including CAD Conversion will enable you to take your civil engineering projects to the next level.


Our engineering professionals are proficient in using various latest design and analysis tools and software to deliver you the best result. All of our projects are designed to comply with regulatory requirements of the County, State and approving agencies.  


Our engineering staff are well equipped with real-time experience in the latest engineering CAD software. You'll have immediate access to some of the best and brightest civil engineering professionals by going overseas and bypassing the gaps in hiring pools in more developed countries.


We aim to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for our clients and will deliver on the promises we make to them. Our “can-do” approach enables us to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and become a partner of choice.

Outsource CAD Drafting for Engineering and 3D Visualization Projects

As a CAD Services company, we offer CAD Conversion, Civil Site Engineering Construction Drawings, Land Development Design Services, 3D Architectural Renderings among other services. We understand our customers and their needs. Our unique and proven process of achieving results has not only made us retain our existing client base but also brought us referrals.

3. UR CAD Services offers flexibility in both production capability and contract negotiation

Engineering companies gain increased flexibility by outsourcing their engineering CAD production to UR CAD Services. We produce CAD drawings or assist drafting requirements of our clients under their brand name, we enhance value by incorporating our skills in CAD software and engineering designs. We give power to our clients to increase or decrease their production capacity whenever they want.


Our clients can avoid making a capital investment in new engineering software, infrastructure and human resources to increase its CAD production capacity. They just can inform us that it requires more work. Although the requested increase or sometimes decrease in production might change the terms and costs associated with the original production contract, it is more flexible than making a one-time capital investment that could sit idle if the increased demand subsides.

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Apart from flexibility in production capabilities, UR CAD Services also offers unmatched flexibility in contract negotiation. We are open to discussing to meet our client's budgets and re-negotiate the contract to suit our clients. Moreover, UR CAD Services offers volume discounts, flexible hourly rates for on-going work and flexible engagement options to enable our clients to have a good outsourcing experience and do business with us.

4. UR CAD Services follows a simple and economical Pricing Structure suitable to you

At UR CAD Services, we don’t just offer technical expertise – we also offer great value. And, because we’re always looking to provide industry-leading customer service, we keep our pricing structure as clear and as simple as possible.

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Outsource CAD Drafting to India

Dedicated Team or Full Time Equivalent

FTE or Full Time Equivalents is a business engagement model by which our resources are assigned and dedicated to your project exclusively. These resources could be Engineering CAD Associates, graphic designers, project managers, consultants etc.


You can opt for FTE model if you want to take full control of project and decide how the project will take its course of action. In this model we will take care of all the administrative and recruitment headaches. We will actually work as an extension of your organization and all you have to do is guide your resources with respect to project specifications.




Time & Material

Time and Materials model is a popular pricing model typically used by most of our clients for their CAD Drafting projects that span a long period of time or on-going projects. This contract type requires the service providers to bid for the project based on client project requirements, scope of work, amount of work and time required.


This payment model suits best for complex projects which have a lot of specifications that evolve as time progresses, and changes in the design are involved.


- Flexibility allowed during the course of the project's execution

- The project can be customized exactly to your requirements

- Increase or reduce resources and pay for the specific work done.




Fixed cost

A fixed price model is also called a Lump Sum model and is an ideal pricing mechanism for projects with a clear scope, established project management methodologies, and a stable set of requirements. 


The fixed price model is low risk for the client, especially with the well-defined requirements and work best when the deliverables are well-known and understood up front, when there is little need for flexibility and changes to the deliverable. 

You can mitigate risks by choosing a CAD outsourcing company like UR CAD Services that has a high-quality project management system and a tried-and-true process for Civil Engineering Design and CAD Drafting Services.


Offering highest quality CAD Outsourcing Services for Civil Engineering projects at affordable and flexible pricing.  


Outsourcing helps you to access talent and also reduce costs at the same

time. We aim to meet or exceed our client's expectations. Please contact us for details on our services.

We work very hard to provide the best

CAD Services outsourcing

you'll ever experience at

an affordable pricing.

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We truly care about our clients and their precious time. Give us a try!

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