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We offer hassle free engineering services outsourcing services including Civil, Structural, MEP and 3D Visualization Services at affordable pricing

Hassle-Free Engineering Services Outsourcing

We provide high quality, yet cost effective Civil Engineering, MEP/Building Information Modeling, Architectural Services, Structural Engineering, Traffic & Transportation and 3D Visualization services across multiple industries and domains.

Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO)


Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) industry is at the beginning stages of a growth trajectory. A decade back, when engineering outsourcing was still in its nascent stage, the work offshored to India predominantly involved creating digital models and drawings. The ability of service providers to understand the customer product lines is becoming an important factor in choosing the right service provider. Engineering Services Companies, particularly in India, are positioned to capture a larger share of the market due to the alignment of their current capabilities and increased focus on the ESO market.

​Engineering Services Outsourcing – India’s Strengths


There are a number of advantages of outsourcing engineering services to India. Apart from the cost benefit, there are other aspects listed below:

  • India has the largest pool of engineering graduates with appropriate skill and talent among other emerging countries that are capable of taking up this kind of work. It can even beat China and​ Russia combined.

  • India has the advantage of English language skills, unlike China, cultural compatibility with the West and a robust legal and political system.

  • India’s time zone proves beneficial to the outsourcing countries to provide continued service to clients

  • India has outsourcing friendly and flexible policies as outsourcing business services is one of the main sources of foreign income for India economy. 

  • India is developing strong partnerships with other nations so as to compete in a fast-changing global market and is actively creating a business model that is necessary to deliver value to all the clients who are located thousands of miles away from the country.

  • Round the clock production and customer services. Both of these factors are indispensable to efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction which also results in recurring business

  • The strong track record of Indian companies in the ITES and BPO sectors is likely to boost the confidence of global clients in the capabilities of the nation.

Engineering Services Outsourcing

 - Compliance with international standards

 - Competitive advantage

 - Strong track record in international projects

Outsource engineering drafting to URCADServices and get the best of engineering CAD support at economical prices

Benefits of outsourcing CAD Services and 3D CAD Works
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We at URCADServices offer Engineering Services Outsourcing, Engineering CAD Services and Engineering Drawing Services with a focus on quality and realiability

Of late, Indian CAD services firms have been turning into the worldwide pioneer and profoundly sought after destination when it comes to design CAD Design. As everyone agrees, the cost element is one noteworthy reason which is changing the dimensions as firms in India have the capacity to convey quality tasks requiring little to no effort contrasted with other oversea firms. 


Aside from that, the market is very focused in India, which is a very invaluable condition for any customer with an indistinguishable kind of necessities from this extreme rivalry will empower convenient administrations and predominant quality in the financial plan. Regardless of whether your venture is searching for 3D modeling, 2D drafting, 3D rendering or paper to CAD conversion, you can discover talented CAD specialists in India. Outsourcing to India can give you access to remarkable engineering CAD design services, without you making substantial interests in the most recent improvements in the CAD technology. The immense cost and time reserve funds that accompanies outsourcing can be put into your core business tasks.


Driven by solution driven administration team of specialists, we deliver quality CAD design services that extend within stipulated time due dates with trust and accuracy. We engage you to concentrate on your core business activities. Within a couple of years, India has developed as one of the top outsourcing destinations for CAD Design and Drafting services. The fundamental reason is top notch benefit by talented and experienced drafters and moderate work cost. Likewise, there are many other advantages of outsourcing CAD Design Services to India. Few are listed below.

  • Excellent Drawings with Accuracy in Dimensions 

  • Expanded profitability and enhanced coordinated effort 

  • Quick turnaround times and lesser handling time 

  • Better Quality with cost-moderateness 

  • Fewer mistakes utilizing CAD programming 

  • Spare time and cash with lowered overhead expenses

We offer excellent Engineering CAD Services Including

  • Land Development Design

    • Subdivision Design

    • Civil Site Engineering Drawings

  • Architectural Design Drafting

    • Architectural construction Documentation

    • Retail Space Planning

  • Structural Engineering

    • Structural Design

  • Traffic & Transportation Engineering

    • Traffic Impact Studies

    • Traffic Signal Designs


    • MEP Shop Drawings

    • MEP Co-ordination Drawings

Outsource Engineering CAD requirements to the CAD experts and benefit from
our end-to-end 2D Engineering CAD & 3D Civil CAD Services at low pricing
What can you expect when you outsource Civil engineering CAD services to us?


We at UR CAD Services identify the various requirements that a client expects from engineering design services and constantly try to provide high-quality and reliable outsourced engineering services that meet specific needs. 

  • Expertise in Design capabilities.

  • Best CAD drafting practices.

  • Multiple turnaround options.

  • 3-level quality control process.

  • Maintain the highest level of accuracy.

  • Excellent communication capabilities.

  • Improved service quality.

  • Experience with latest engineering CAD software.

  • An experienced workforce with 10+ years of experience.

  • We meet the client’s expectations with a focus on quality.

Why are we unique in providing outsourcing Civil Engineering CAD Services?


Our superior engineering services are provided by our qualified internal team of engineers with experience in providing tailor-made services and providing value-addition too.

  • Our work is focused at aiming for time-bound delivery with almost 12-24 hours turnaround time.

  • We promise to quickly solve client queries almost immediately.

  • We have offered customized solutions for individuals and companies based on the project requirements.

  • We provide special attention towards project processing to avoid any possible risks. 

  • We have the same team members working for clients for consistency.

  • Regular training and re-training on new technologies and client requirements.

We provide high quality, yet cost effective Civil Engineering, MEP/Building Information Modeling, Architectural Services, Structural Engineering, Traffic & Transportation and 3D Visualization services across multiple industries and domains.

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