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Outsource Land Development Engineering Construction Drawings and CAD Drafting for Civil Site Design Projects

Outsource CAD Drafting for Land Development Design services to the best offshore partners with years of experience and get the best of design and Civil CAD drafting support. 

There are several benefits of outsourcing CAD services

for Civil Site Design and Land Development Engineering.

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Outsource Land Development Design Services - we offer premium quality Civil CAD Drafting services for Land Development Engineering and Civil Engineering Site Planning Projects.

Outsource land development design services and benefit from our end to end Civil engineering planning services. UR CAD Services is one of the leading CAD Outsourcing Companies offering Engineering CAD Design and Drafting Services for Residential and Commercial Projects. Civil engineering covers a vast area, which includes planning, designing, and construction of the infrastructure. A site civil plan will normally include topographic data and storm water mitigation data. It should accurately define setbacks, easements, and footprints. Site items like pools, patios, buildings, fences, gates, benches, tables, shading devices, trees, utility locations, and drainage components are all defined with construction details. The Civil 3D site design services are provided for commercial and residential buildings, the infrastructure of environmental aspects such as industrial infrastructure, planning of the infrastructure, landscaping, construction management, etc. Outsourcing CAD drafting for Land Development Design projects helps companies in many ways; from drafting site plans from sketches to hydraulic design, we offer high-quality engineering CAD support to our customers.

Civil CAD Drafting Services for Civil Site Design and Land Development Engineering

UR CAD Services staff who are civil designers are skilled in every aspect of the design (Civil Engineering Site Construction Drawings), from the actual civil engineering site design and landscape architecture to performing site analysis and Civil engineering Site Design Drawings like site layout, road design, road profiles, pipe profiles, and infrastructure improvements for both residential and commercial projects.

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Free CAD Trial for Civil Engineering and Architectural Services

We offer a free trial for clients who are interested in outsourcing CAD but haven't outsourced yet. Try out our services NOW!

Construction Drawings for Residential, Commercial Site Design, and Subdivisions

As a CAD Outsourcing Company, our team of experienced civil engineers and civil CAD designers are part of the planning, designing, modeling and drafting aspects of civil engineering. Under the guidance and supervision of our civil engineers, our drafters and Civil 3D CAD designers produce a Civil 3D site model as per the tastes and needs of the clients. The team here at UR CAD Services is fully trained and well equipped to assist you.

Outsource Land Development Engineering Drafting and Civil Site Construction Drawings. Benefit from our quality Civil CAD Drafting

UR CAD Services is a leading Civil Engineering firm offering a wide range of drafting services for Land Development Design projects. Our process provides the necessary due diligence to ensure the feasibility of your project. We work with you to develop a communication plan that will ensure that your design and functional requirements are executed in a manner consistent with your standards. We ensure all our client standards are met when we get to drafting the plans. We ensure our plans are met with the county specified standards as we go through the county plan submission checklist. Our team is fully trained in reading and doing proper research on the project requirements.


We help Civil Engineering firms by allocating Civil CAD designers Trained by licensed Professional Engineers (PE). Our staff is well equipped with latest design trends to assist you on all types of Commercial, Institutional, Educational, Residential, and Municipal Land Development projects. CAD Outsourcing Companies like UR CAD Services also provides utility design, and Civil CAD drafting for roads and signal designs. We are familiar with all requirements for site design, erosion and sediment control plans. 


To ensure quality in our work, we have a checklist that needs to be signed by our engineers and Civil CAD designers working on projects to make sure all items have been taken care before sending the final files to clients. As it is essential to design the civil engineering projects as per the requirements and needs of our clients, we ensure our Civil CAD drafting process is vetted by our clients. Our strong in-house team with complementary skills in engineering, CAD drafting, GIS and high-end graphic renderings are fully prepared to assist in the process from start to finish.

Outsource Construction Drawings Services for Subdivision Projects


When a piece of land is divided into two or more lots, the land is considered to have been subdivided. Developing a nice subdivision is a great way to turn your land into something better. We at UR CAD Services offer subdivision planning as part of our Land Development engineering services. We can assist you in designing and planning individual lots, roads and utility services within a parcel of any new land development to be subdivided. Our Civil CAD drafting process will ensure all your drafting needs are met.

We provide detailed designs for single, mixed and multi-family residential developments and subdivisions, including off-site roads, parking, and services as well as coordination of building permits approvals. Civil Engineering firms across the global outsource their CAD requirements to CAD Outsourcing Companies like UR CAD Services which in turn help them in improving efficiency and also help in concentrating on their core activities like new business acquisition and customer service. Apart from cost benefit, there are several benefits of CAD outsourcing. Read more on benefits of outsourcing CAD Projects to UR CAD Services.

Our Areas of Expertise
  • Commercial and Residential Site Development/Site Plans

  • Storm Water Management 

  • Detention Pond Design

  • Pond Routing

  • Hydrology Reports

  • Roadway and Parking Lot Design

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

  • Retaining Walls

  • Permitting Plans

  • Rough and Finish Grading Layout

  • Drainage Studies and Improvements

  • Utility Design and Profiles

  • 3D Visualization

We offer CAD Drafting for Land Development Design Including:
  • Detailed Site Plan

  • Grading Plan

  • Existing Conditions Plan

  • Demolition Plan

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

  • Stormwater Management Plan

  • BMP Plan

  • Sanitary Sewer Plan & Profile

  • Utility Plan and Profiles

  • Road and Pipe Profiles

  • Outfall Analysis

  • Sight Distance Plan and Profiles

  • Landscape Plan

  • County Standard Site Details 

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Details


When you outsource civil drafting to us, you get to work with an experienced team. We offer complete civil site engineering drafting services. A site civil plan includes topographic data and storm water mitigation data. It should accurately define setbacks, easements, and footprints. Site items like pools, patios, buildings, fences, gates, benches, tables, shading devices, trees, utility locations, and drainage components are all defined with construction details. Our plans are zoning complaint with every site detail. Additional civil site services can include grading design, stakeout, and post construction inspections. Storm water detention can be on the surface as detention ponds, or underground an area like a parking lot, or a combination of both.


Our civil engineering drafting team has years of experience delivering outstanding CAD drafting services for civil engineering land development design and 3D architectural rendering projects. We have assisted our clients throughout their project's life cycle and had assisted them with county comments until county approvals. Outsourcing CAD projects to us have immensely helped our clients. Outsourcing CAD Projects for Land Development Design Services and Civil Engineering Services is beneficial as it improves efficiency. 

Outsourcing CAD Projects for Civil Engineering Site Design


Outsourcing CAD projects to CAD Outsourcing Companies like UR CAD Services can assist you in preparing detailed plan sets for Land Development Engineering projects. We at UR CAD Services has the skill and experience to assist you in layout plans showing lot dimensions and sizes, preparing lot yield and density, potential building envelope zones, setbacks and other relevant information based on the Zoning information for:
 - Single Family Development
 - Multi-Family Development

 - Mixed Use Development 

 - Commercial Development

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When you outsource CAD Drafting for  Civil Engineering Site Design work to us, we shall assist you throughout your project’s Life Cycle

As one of the leading Civil Engineering firms, our company has the best civil CAD engineers, Civil CAD designers and CAD drafters having working experience on US and Australia based Land Development Engineering projects and Civil Engineering drafting projects. Our civil engineers and draftspersons have worked under guidance and supervision of professional civil engineers (P.E) who are the project owners themselves.  We offer excellent civil engineering designs for a large variety of project types including subdivisions, commercial site development, infill lot grading plans.


We are dedicated to the service of AEC industry. While fulfilling various CAD needs for various projects, we strive to exceed in project delivery through responsive communication, interactive processes and a complete focus on design. We have a highly successful track record and a growing but repetitive clientele which prove the value of our services.

Contact us today to discuss how we can be part of your CAD team 

and assist you in your first outsourcing CAD drafting project.

UR CAD Services specializes in providing Outsourcing CAD Services for Civil Engineering, Civil Site Design, Civil Site Construction Drawings for Subdivisions & Commercial properties & 3D Renderings for Site plans


Outsource Land Development Design and Construction Drawings to UR CAD Services - a leading civil engineering firm and get the best of engineering drawing and drafting support. URCADServices has the right skill and experience to assist you. We have been offering reliable and affordable CAD drafting services for our clients in the civil engineering industry.

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Outsource Land Development Engineering Drafting to UR CAD Services - A Civil Engineering CAD Outsourcing Company. Contact Us Today!
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