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Structural Steel Detailing and Steel Shop Drawings

We at URCADServices offer flexible and cost effective solutions in civil and structural design engineering, ensuring a high level of quality and delivering on time at the same time. We fulfill not only our clients’ requirements to perfection but also their desires. Structural steel detailing services from URCADServices offers excellent detailing, design, and structural drawings through computer-aided design programs. Structural steel shop drawings that are made with the help of high-end technologies ensure that engineers and planners are able to easily appreciate the details that need to be taken into consideration when planning and setting up a structure. 


Structural steel Detailing is the process of translating design /engineering /contract drawings to shop drawings. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate, cost-effective Shop and Field Drawings. We have Steel detailing professionals with many years of experience in structural steel detailing and architecture industry. 


Structural steel detailing requires skills in drafting, mathematics (including geometry and trigonometry), logic, reasoning, spatial visualization, and communication. URCADServices has extensive experience with commercial and industrial projects. We can produce complete detail drawing for structural steel, stair & rails, all types of miscellaneous items, industrial projects, bridge projects. we offer structural steel detailing services (including miscellaneous items) for a broad range of applications to meet our clients' needs.

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Structural Erection Drawings:


Erection drawings are used to guide the steel erector on the construction site as to where and how to erect the fabricated steel members. These drawings usually show dimensioned plans to locate the steel members, and they often also show details with specific information and requirements, including all work that must be done in the field (such as bolting, welding or installing wedge anchors).


Since the erection drawings are intended for use in the field, they contain very little specific information about the fabrication of any individual steel member; members should already be completed by the time the erection drawings are used.


Typical details include dimensioning, architectural references, perimeter construction, and notes (part numbers, by other designations, fabrication and installation notes).  

Structural Steel Shop Drawings:

CAD outsourcing to India is one of the most popular management practices today. Though it is generally spurred by the cost reduction factor, this is just one of the reasons one should consider offshore outsourcing. We do not just offer cost effective solutions, but also value addition by improving productivity and quality. Structural steel detaining services from URCADServices offers excellent detailing, design, and structural drawings through computer-aided design programs. 


UR CAD Services offers the highest level of service on every project. It is our commitment to creating innovative solutions that are always within your budget and timeline.

 Shop drawings, also called detail drawings, are used to specify the exact detailing requirements for fabricating each individual member of a structure and are used by the steel fabricator to fabricate these members. Complete shop drawings show material specifications, member sizes, all required dimensions, welding, bolting, surface preparation and painting requirements, and any other information required to describe each completed member. The shop drawings are intended for use by the fabrication shop, and thus contain little or no information about the erection and installation of the steel members they depict; this information belongs in the erection drawings.Shop drawings will include all the necessary details, drawn in 2D CAD to describe your interpretation of the construction drawings set, for Architectural approval. The details will be generated from the Architectural Plans and your instructions per check list as to which System types to incorporate. 

Structural Shop Drawings in Reinforced Concrete Structures

We at UR CAD Services offer professional CAD Shop Drawings for the Structures in reinforced concrete. Concrete reinforcing is one of the numerous things requiring specific shop drawings for the fabrication of the material. Concrete reinforcing is exclusively manufactured from 60-foot-long fortifying bars. The fortifying bars are sliced to length and bowed to particular arrangements. The shop drawing and the associated "cut sheet" records the amount, sizes, lengths, and states of the reinforcing bar. This data is given to survey by the basic designer to guarantee that adequate reinforcing is being provided; creation of the bar by the provider's shop; a stock rundown for the contractual worker, upon conveyance the normal venture has a great many bits of strengthening steel that should be sorted out for capacity and establishment; and position by the ironworker. Quality shop drawings detail and document all requirements of design parameters, and are used by project managers for material ordering, take-offs, fabrication, installation and erection. 

Every fabricator has a specific style for shop drawings and cut sheets, contingent upon the draftspeople and Computer-helped outline frameworks. Shop drawings shall show the preferred joint details providing a watertight and structurally sound wall panel system that allows no uncontrolled water penetration, on the inside face of the panel system. We have extensive experience and skill set in providing Structural Steel shop drawings and Structural Steel fabrication drawings for offices, factories, shopping malls, and hospitals. Our expertise in structural steel detailing also includes 2D CAD detailing and CAD drafting.


We aim to provide business value and build strategic relationships with our customers based on trust and loyalty. We have experienced engineers and drafters well versed in engineering design and CAD services. Our ultimate purpose is to be the very best at what we do through technology and service.


Advantages of outsourcing Shop Drawings to us: 

  • When you outsource shop drawings to us, you get expert and skilled CAD services. 

  • Proficiency in English is a major factor that drives higher consumption of Indian talent.

  • When businesses with limited resources outsource their CAD drafting requirements, they stay focused on their core business. 

  • The drawings will be fully-layered CAD Drawings using your choice of AIA or Custom layering guidelines

  • Seamless communication capabilities

  • Tailored made processes to suit project needs

  • Dedicated project managers for long term support


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