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Architectural Drafting Services and Architectural Construction Drawings 

An architectural drawing is a technical drawing of a building project. Architectural drawings are used by architects and others for a number of purposes: to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince clients of the merits of a design, to enable a building contractor to construct it, as a record of the completed work, and to make a record of a building that already exists. 


An architectural plan is a design and planning for a building, and contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, and other documentation. We at URCADServices provide comprehensive documentation service at all stages of architectural design. The value addition comes from our understanding of Building types, Construction types, and knowledge in Building Codes. We recognize that the key to our success is collaborating with our clients to help them market their services so they can spend more time on what they do best. Our 2D architectural drafting services include architectural 2D drafting and detailing for a single family to large residential & commercial buildings, tenant improvement and construction projects. We offer highest quality architectural drafting services including house plans, construction drawings or working drawings.

Outsource Architectural Drafting Services

URCADServices is specialized in offering comprehensive engineering, architecture, and 3D Visualization. Our team supports client's team by closely integrating and getting involved in each project task. URCADServices derives its strength from its extensive knowledge of building systems. We understand the impact of documentation, due to different occupancies, building types, the different wall types and the applicable codes. We are familiar with the terminology used in construction documents and administration as used in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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UR CAD Services provides many 2D drafting solutions for architecture including general layout, plan, elevation and sections. Detailed working drawings which include Cladding Detail Drawings, coordinated & schematic drawings of HVAC, Electrical, Sanitation & Piping plan, Firefighting & Landscape Drawings etc. Door & Window details, Floor Framing Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Building Section, Wall Sections, Roof Sections, Kitchen details, Toilet details & Inverted Ceiling Plans are also drafted in 2D. Outsource your architectural drafting requirements to URCADServices and benefit from our expertise and low pricing.


We follow our client's Architectural CAD standards when you outsource architectural drafting projects. Once the first project is completed, we always stick to these details for further projects to ensure quality and consistency of our drawings. Outsource architecture drafting for retail stores and commercial properties, our team is well equipped with drafting and CAD standards Outsourcing architectural CAD drafting projects help you to benefit from our comprehensive capabilities in architectural design.

Our typical Customers include:
» Architects

» Designers
» Interior Designer
» Property Dealer
» Building Service Contractors
» Consultant Engineers
» CADD Service Providers

» Land Developers
» Structural Consultants

The architectural design process involves three major steps, namely:

  1. Conceptual Design

    • Conceptual Design is also known as outline design. It is the early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of designs are articulated. Concept design generally takes place after feasibility studies and options appraisals have been carried out and a project brief has been prepared. The concept design represents the design team's initial response to the project brief.

  2. Design Development

    • Design Development stage forms the second phase of the design process. Detailed design is sometimes referred to as developed design. It is the process of taking on and developing the approved concept design.

  3. Architectural Construction Documentation or working drawings outsourcing

    • After the conceptual design is proved by the client, the design development stage commences, which involves:

      • Sketches and computer aided designs CAD models and 3D CAD architectural designs are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts to determine the final direction for the design. 

      • Manual drawings or CAD-generated drawings are produced to describe the important technical information. 

      • Detailing of plans, elevations drawings and sectional drawings of the building are developed.


Construction Drawings or Working drawings logically subdivide into location, assembly and component drawings. Working drawings would typically combine plans, sections, elevations and some details to provide a complete explanation of a building on one sheet. Notes included on drawings are brief, referring to standardized specification documents for more information. 

A typical list of working drawings include:

» Cover Sheet

» 3D Views

» Notes & Symbols

» Site Plan

» Floor Plans

» Interior Details

» Roof Layout

» Sections

» Elevations

» Door Schedules 
» Window Schedules


We always treat every project with utmost care to understand the requirements to evaluate the estimated hours and turnaround times. 
We are able to create full plans to a high standard and consult with clients to ensure their standards and needs are meet. At URCADServices we take deadlines seriously and are able to work with clients to ensure the Architectural construction documentation stage runs smoothly.

Architecture is the art and science of developing a good design for a client.

Outsource your House Plans and Architectural Construction Drawings
architectural, drafting services, Construction Documentation, Outsourcing CAD Services, construction drawings, Outsource, Architectural Drawings, Working Drawings

Outsource Architectural Construction Drawings

We provide our clients with the best design solution for their development, be it a small residential alteration or a commercial or industrial development. Construction Drawings are also known as working drawings. We seek to achieve cost-effective design solutions. We can provide a flexible service incorporating various aspects of the design, documentation for building proposals. We provide architectural drafting and outsourcing cad services for residential and commercial projects.


We are able to create full plans to a high standard and consult with clients to ensure their standards and needs are meet. At URCADServices we take deadlines seriously and are able to work with clients to ensure the Architectural construction documentation stage runs smoothly.

You can benefit from our Architectural Drafting Services:


  • Outsourcing can help you make huge savings on both time and cost

  • Customers save up to 60% cost on infrastructure, staff and software

  • Access to qualified Diploma holders trained in CAD drafting for international projects

  • We produce engineering drawings, Civil CAD drafting and conversion assignments as per your standards.

  • We train our staff on the drafting standards of client specific location/state

  • Flexible services to suit your business requirements

  • We provide adequate resources in short notice

  • Projects and client information is 100% confidential

  • Prepare construction drawings and specifications suitable for construction

  • Update the documents as necessary to address plan check comments

Why is outsourcing needed?

Outsourcing comes into play when companies want to stay competitive in the market. To grow their business and increase their profitability, outsourcing has become a viable option for many companies. More than a means of just reducing costs, it has become a tool for creating and adding value to business, while allowing companies to have the ability to concentrate more on their core functions and competencies. It also helps management to re-configure business processes and provide the necessary information to assist effective decision-making and ensure quality and cost control.  India has become a major hub for engineering CAD outsourcing.

We are offering quality outsourcing CAD Services and Architectural Drawings - Outsource Architectural Construction Drawings

Outsource Construction Drawings - Architectural Construction drawings and specifications are needed to obtain construction bids, building permits and construction contracts. Perfectly drawn Architectural Construction Drawings are required to establish the scope of work, and the quality of the work to be performed by the general contractor.  Contact us today for your architectural drafting requirements.


Outsourcing CAD ServicesGet started today and start benefitting by outsourcing architectural 2D drafting and architectural construction documentation to URCADServices. Contact us for a risk-free project quotation. Our outsourced quality CAD drafting services are cost effective. We have made quality CAD outsourcing easy and profitable to our clients.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable CAD Services for your Architectural drafting projects, UR CAD Services is the right partner. 

Inquire with us today on your architectural drafting requirements

and avail a risk free trial project. Fill up the Enquiry Form here.

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