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Outsource Millwork Shop Drawings

UR CAD Services offers best in class and most affordable outsourcing CAD Drafting and complete CAD Conversion Services with 100% accuracy.
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Millwork Shop Drawing Services

Millwork shop drawings are basically the ideas and design intents that replicate from the thought process of an architect. We at URCADServices understand that custom architectural millwork is an important component of interior work for any construction project. We produce all kind of millwork drawings ranging from small cabinets to specialty woodwork items. We specialize in providing shop drawings for Casework, Architectural Millwork, and Cabinet Manufacturers. When you outsource Millwork Shop Drawings to us, we will match or meet your building standards, and we can use your title block and logo or we can design and provide one for you if you do not have it. custom designed interior wood construction is a highly desirable feature in many of today’s high-end residential projects and in many other commercial and public structures, such as churches, banks, hospitals, hotels, and libraries, where pre-fabricated cabinets and casework are not readily available. Our drawings are highly detailed and completely engineered so they are easy to understand, ready for production or for submittal to Architect, General Contractor, Designer or Owner. For this reason, detail is our top priority to make the final millwork components as accurate as possible.


From custom kitchen cabinets to details for windows and doors, we produce all kind of millwork drawings ranging from small cabinets to specialty woodwork items. Our CAD services are the perfect solution for clients in the AEC industry looking to bring their designs to life. Instead of being constrained by the manufacturer’s choice of wood, design, and size, quality cabinet and decorative wood components are often custom designed. Millwork is any interior building component that is produced by a wood mill. These include things like doors, window casings, mantels and crown molding. Millwork is an integral part of interior home building, especially for rooms like the library and kitchen. URCADServices is the place to go to if you are looking for outsourced CAD drafting services who specialize in the Architectural Millwork industry.  Shop drawings are engineered for ease of production and for submittal to Architects or others for approval to Fabricate. We provide professional grade Cabinet shop drawings to Casework, Architectural Millwork, and Cabinetry manufacturers. We at URCADServices take care of each detail in your shop drawings by following every standard laid down by you. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and highest quality drawings. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Outsource Millwork Shop Drawings

  • Customer centric approach in service delivery

  • 99.995% accuracy in final outcome

  • Service execution in industry's best TAT

  • Precise schedules

  • Cost effective affordable service availability

  • Stringent policies to follow project schedules and deadlines

  • Real-time access to skilled people.

  • Trained employees ready to work on your projects.
    The high level of technical competency.

  • Lowered overhead costs

  • Savings up to 50-60% on every project.

  • Dedicated project managers for longterm support.

  • A team that is adaptable to client drafting standards.

  • Availability of a dedicated client manager

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Shop drawings are the pillars of the construction industry. Obtaining architectural approval is only a tiny part of what a quality shop drawing provides. The drawings are the tracks utilized by project managers and installers.It will definitely affect the profitability of any project. We provide professional CAD detailing services to the wood industry. We offer comprehensive services to Architects, Interior Designers, Construction industry or Builders, Real Estate Developers, Engineers, Manufacturing Industry and Individual owners across the globe for their Civil, Structural, Architectural, MEP, HVAC and CAD requirements. 


We can provide the right type of CAD drawings for home builders, architectural firms and real estate developers. Our dedicated teams of expert CAD professionals will work closely with you and help you figure out the perfect placement of Millwork products. Our CAD team have been working with builders, firms and developers from around the world to provide the best quality CAD design services. Please contact us today for your Millwork Shop Drawings requirements. 

Benefit from our Millwork Shop Drawings Experience

Our Detailing Experience include:

  • Custom Millwork

  • Bathroom Vanities

  • Casework & Cabinets

  • Wall Paneling

  • Door & Trim Casing

  • Custom Kitchens & Closets

  • Commercial Casework

  • Wooden stairs & framing


With over 10+ years of experience in CAD drafting, our team of designers and drafters is capable enough in producing millwork drawings for interior design contractors, fabricators, and carpenters. This is the service that is not limited only to be undertaken for new projects. Our millwork detailing team is trained to interpret the design drawings & technical specifications quickly without error and generate shop drawings and 3D models based on them in a quick turnaround times. We can produce 2D drawings or can extract them from the millwork or casework 3D models. Cabinet Cutlists, layered DXF files and CNC files for machine fabrication are also generated by our skilled millwork BIM modelers. We utilize the latest CAD and CNC software tools to produce custom millwork and machine files

Outsource Millwork Shop Drawings

production. Contact us today for outsourcing Millwork Shop Drawings. Visit our Contact page today.

Outsource Millwork Shop Drawings

When you outsource architectural millwork shop drawings and 3D renderings to us, we will ensure to support you until the job is completed

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