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Rebar Detailing and Estimating Services

Outsource rebar detailing services to URCADServices. We are specialized in rebar detailing services and rebar estimating services with a focus on timely completion of projects.

We offer high-quality work at reasonable pricing. Apart from cost advantage, there are several benefits of outsourcing Rebar Detailing and Rebar Estimating Services to URCADservices. Contact us today for your Rebar Detailing and CAD Services outsourcing requirements. 

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Outsource Rebar Detailing and Shop Drawing Services

As we know, a rebar is a steel bar which is normally built of steel and reinforced with concrete structures. Rebar detailing is the discipline of preparing shop drawings or placement drawings of steel reinforcement for construction. Every structure has defined practical limitations to the shape and lengths of the reinforcing bars, which must fit into the structural members. To achieve an economical concrete structure one must be familiar with bar configurations. Whether you look for a small residential or a big commercial development project delivery, we ensure positive outcomes of our rebar detailing services that bring exceptional business results. Our experienced and professional rebar detailing staff ensures accurate detailing with quick turnaround time and quicker approvals. 


At URCADServices, our rebar detailers generate shop drawings for the placement of the reinforcing steel. We are a rebar detailing specialist gaining practical experience in detailing with capacities to deliver on time, cost-effective pre and post bid rebar estimating and detailing services. Outsourcing Rebar shop drawing Services to UR CAD Services gives you a reliably top-notch rebar detailing services at moderate rates. Our team is well equipped with the latest CAD tools and technologies to deliver complex projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are serving supreme quality that is suitable for your country specific standards services by utilizing our best man work and technologies. Most Rebar Detailers are generally limited to accepting the details shown on the engineer’s structural drawings. The degree of difficulty in fabricating and placing the rebar in accordance with these details is often overlooked. Our detailing staff collaborate with your team to understand your requirements in detail and develop the rebar shop drawings that can propel your business ahead of the competition.


Our areas of expertise

  • Rebar Shop Drawings Services

  • Bar Bending Schedules Services

  • Concrete Masonry Detailing Services

  • Rebar Placement Drawings Services

  • Retaining Wall Detailing Services

  • Rebar Foundation Detailing Services


At URCADServices, we strive to give our customers an accurate, detailed, and on time detailing services. We have experienced rebar detailers with expertise in managing rebar drawings and design used in a variety of industries. We offer Rebar Detailing Outsourcing and we have expert rebar detailers team which has the skill in managing rebar drawings and estimating. We provide Rebar Detailing Services to cater to the demands of a variety of structures such as Educational Buildings, Concrete Masonry Structures, Heavy Foundations, High Rise Sky Scrapers, RCC building, Residential Building, Industrial Buildings and Parking Garages to name some few. Rebar Fabricators and Installers would like to work with us because our drawings are very legible, easy to understand and provide all of the information they need to efficiently complete their work. They also like the fact that they can call us directly if they have questions and we will have answers. When you outsource Rebar Detailing to UR CAD Services, we offer you specialized services to provide rebar detailing services to a variety of buildings including small residential buildings, manufacturing units, vast industrial set-ups, monuments, and bridges. We have working experience with several clients mainly based in USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East etc.

URCADServices has been part of several rebar shop drawings projects. We offer hassle-free CAD outsourcing services. We take every rebar detailing job seriously. 

  • Rebar Shop Drawings Services

  • Bar Bending Schedules Services

  • Concrete Masonry Detailing Services

  • Rebar Placement Drawings Services

  • Retaining Wall Detailing Services

  • Rebar Foundation Detailing Services

When you outsource Rebar Detailing to URCADServices, you get the following benefits:

  • Latest CAD Technology: We use the latest rebar technology to fulfill our clients' Rebar Detailing requirements.

  • Time Bound Services: We can deliver you rebar shop drawings services within the agreed time limit.

  • Experienced Resources: By outsourcing Rebar Detailing to us, you get services of experienced and skilled professionals. 

  • Excellent Customer Support: Improved customer satisfaction with timely deliveries and high-quality services you can impress your clients. Outsourcing can help you enjoy increased customer satisfaction and your customers will remain loyal to your organization.

  • Spending Cuts: Outsourcing can also make your firm more attractive to investors since you are able to pump more capital directly to revenue-producing activities.

We provide accurate and standardized drawings including fully blown-up placement drawings and concrete dimensional drawings.

  • Residential Buildings 

  • Mid Rise buildings

  • High Rise buildings

  • Educations

  • Commercial Building

  • Dams

  • Bridges

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Concrete Masonry Structures

Outsource Rebar Shop Drawings and benefit from our expertise

URCADServices offers highest quality CAD services at affordable prices

URCADServices delivers cost-effective, accurate and on time rebar shop drawings services. We have a skilled and experienced team of rebar detailers to provide accurate Rebar detailing and Rebar Shop drawing services to structural engineers, architects, erectors, fabricators, and contractors. We do Rebar designing and detailing based on ACI, ASTM, CRSI, AS and BS coding formats for both RCC & Steel Structures. Our detailers can meet stringent deadlines even on some of the most complicated construction jobs.


URCADServices is a reliable resource that fabricators can count on for accurate, complete and timely rebar shop drawings, bar lists and placement drawings that maintain production schedules and maximize production capabilities.

Engineers like the fact that we don’t waste their time because we actually read all the specifications and plan notes before we begin our work so our drawings are right the first time.

Outsource Rebar Estimating Services

Rebar Estimating Services Outsourcing

Estimating or taking off quantities and pricing a job is a very detail oriented work. The most important factor in estimating a job accurately is to understand what is needed to build the job in the required time frame. Experience is the key skill for rebar estimation process.  Our team of experienced rebar estimators can estimate your complete services and materials that are required for the project.


Once we take off the quantities accurately, we begin the analysis process of determining the crew size, equipment and a realistic time frame for completion. The rebar estimation service ensures that the project runs on the minimum costs, reduced storage space at site location, and stay with your time schedule. When you outsource rebar estimating our professional and experienced estimating staff will work with you on every project to provide you with an accurate estimate based on your needs.


Our Typical Estimating Process Includes:

  • Define estimate’s purpose and obtain data and information. 

  • Identify ground rules and assumptions and determine estimating approach. 

  • Accurately taking off all the materials necessary for the contract as per specification.

  • Estimating the cost of labor and equipment.

  • Working with the client for the prediction of the likely progress rate and the completion rate of the project based on their individual productivity rate, bearing in mind bonus payments and sub-contractual arrangements.

  • Calculating a final figure for the estimated cost, supplemented by adjustments for overheads and profit and thus presenting an accurate price.


International Standards we follow
AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ACI – American Concrete Institute
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
BS – British Standard,
CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute,
RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

Accurate and On-Time Delivery
Investing an extra time and effort on rebar drawings definitely saves you a ton of time and money at your shop as well as the job site.  Our accurate rebar drawings simplify the task of the workers at the site.  Workers know where to place and thus reduces the installation cost.  As a prominent rebar detailing company, Advenser truly understands your tight schedules and commitments and thus provide you timely delivery of service.


Outsource Rebar Detailing and Rebar Estimation Services to UR CAD Services and benefit from our experience. We offer high-quality work at reasonable rates. Email or call us today with your Rebar Detailing outsourcing needs.

If you have any questions or need more info on our services, please contact us today
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