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Building Information Modeling (BIM) service that validates the design and is conflict free.

UR CAD Services provides the best mechanical, electrical and plumbing services you can count on us. We have the experience and right skills to assist you on your projects. Outsource MEP BIM projects to us and benefit from our experience and low pricing.

MEP BIM Modeling Services


3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming increasingly significant for modern construction projects. In addition, to give a digital representation of a building project, it will also help high levels of interoperability and collaboration within the design environment. We are able to maintain all elements of a BIM model using software for all levels of projects and consumers such as retail, home builders, contractors, designers, and architects.


Advantages of Outsourcing BIM modeling services


  • The production of a coordinated, clash-free and virtual BIM models help improve coordination of services

  • It reduces the installation time and costs by identifying and rectifying coordination issues at the early stage

  • BIM modeling service reduces the requirement for site-based variations and modifications that will result in reduction of waste and man-hours

  • More accurate data management and extraction with the help of BIM modeling services provide functionality for the automated generation of Bill of materials/Quantity take off

  • As BIM 3D models, with the integration of estimating, manufacturing and scheduling technology, support the manufacturing and fabrication process.

  • BIM 3D models improve the efficiency of on-site service installation that will help support the off-site manufacturing/modularisation process

  • It helps improve the accuracy, quality, and detail of construction documentation.

  • Why you choose Revit Modeling India for BIM  modeling service

Outsource MEP BIM Services for a seamless project flow.

With BIM, we are changing the way we think about the building process and are able to achieve significant cost and schedule savings for our clients. Enquire with us today for more on our BIM experience.

Outsourcing helps in finding the best talent and also increase efficiency

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Outsource MEP BIM Modeling to us, our BIM 3D Models helps engineers, project managers, contractors in many ways.


Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Quickly review building designs

  • Calculate accurate quantities for various purposes

  • Create better project handover and establish better communication with subcontractors, fabricators etc.

  • Integrate quantity take off with other applications like cost estimation, scheduling etc and gain higher efficiency

  • Our architectural team, with their technical skills, aesthetic capabilities and attention to details provide our clients an edge over the competitors.

  • We render using the advanced rendering software

  • We ensure high-quality services at affordable cost and at fixed time

  • We promise value to return to our clients

  • Your sketched are rendered by highly skilled and experienced professionals

  • Revit Modeling India, with years of experience in BIM 3D modeling, provides services in most areas such as large scale commercial, aviation, healthcare, education and retail projects.

Optimize your building design and construction with UR CAD Services' Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services. We offer cost-effective MEP BIM Modeling Services, Construction Drawings, 3D-4D-5D BIM Services and BIM Coordination.


Outsource your Building Information Modeling capabilities with BIM Support Services from UR CAD Services. We can help you plan, design, build, and manage your BIM projects without hiring additional full-time BIM experts. 

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End-to-End Building Information

Modeling (BIM) outsourcing services from India. 

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