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Providing excellence through a personalized service which results in a high percentage of repeat business.

We offer CAD services outsourcing for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) BIM Services including MEP coordination drawings, MEP Shop Drawings

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Outsource MEP BIM Coordination Services

Outsourcing MEP BIM Services


UR CAD Services is a one-stop solution for quality BIM MEP services including BIM 3D modeling services, quantity takeoffs, and clash detections. UR CAD Services offers BIM outsourcing services globally. We assist MEP contractors and engineers make the most of their productivity by developing the fastest and safest path to the integrated construction process. UR CAD Services helps MEP contractors and engineers maximize their efficiency by developing the fastest and safest path to the integrated construction process.

Outsource BIM Services. We help firms/businesses in availing Revit BIM outsourcing Services. We at UR CAD Services manage the BIM based processes and deliverables. 

Our services in this sector includes, 2D CAD design and drafting services, Revit BIM modelling, 3D CAD design and drawing services, 3D AutoCAD modelling services, and AutoCAD drafting for retail. When you outsource MEP Coordination, you get an overall benefit of smart construction. BIM helps MEP firms improve accuracy, aids them in reducing and resolving clashes thereby optimizing building system designs.

Outsourced BIM services provide them with all the information they require in order to keep their project schedules within budgets.

Outsource BIM Services

BIM Services Outsourcing

BIM solution providers integrate the efforts of architects, designers, engineers, and subcontractors into a single function, to help project managers by centralizing BIM components. Building architecture, engineering, and construction are no more separate trades. Outsourced BIM service providers like UR CAD Services unite and provide efficient, effective, and coordinated services. Our experienced team of BIM modelers and MEP designers apply their in-depth industry knowledge to execute complex and large scale MEP projects with highest precision to make your project 100% successful. 

Benefits of BIM Outsourcing Services


Our BIM outsourcing services are focused towards making the construction process easy without clashes between disciplines. BIM service has become a vital requirement for every contractor, Consultant, and Construction Company in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry. Some of the benefits are outlined below.


  • Field Conflict Resolution - Clashes and Conflicts resolved before the start of shop drawings production
  • Construction visualization - Improved spatial and technical co-ordination
  • Higher Quality deliverable - It allows constructors to have access to expert 3D BIM modelers.
  • Easily available quantities extracted directly from the model
  • Reduced RFIs - fewer mistakes on site
  • Project Coordination - Earlier involvement of entire team in coordination process
  • Increased Onsite Productivity - No need for constant exchange of drawings and overlapping exercise to trace changes.
  • Accurate As Built Drawings 
  • Risk Mitigation - Added value present in both cases is the establishment of the collaborative team.
  • Decreased Construction Time
  • Construction Cost Savings
The BIM services from a BIM outsourcing firm proves time and cost saving ultimately.

Building information modeling (BIM) aids in improved quality enables easy construction and is cost effective for clients by detecting and remove clashes at an early stage. BIM model carries all the building design, construction and management information under one place and permits every participant involved to access this information.


Our BIM Solutions serves home builders, architectural firms and AEC consultants as a strategic partner, providing them maximum information on BIM modeling and supporting them in making a smooth transition from their existing infrastructure to a BIM environment. BIM Solutions from UR CAD Services offering customized, high quality, cost effective and time bound BIM consulting services by using state of the art system.


As companies in the AEC industry continue to grow, demands for a high quality in-house BIM Modeler and engineering labor force is also increasing. We offer staff leasing or augmentation services to our customers. Our temporary staffing service makes available a skilled pool of resources in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and MEP field.


Our resources can work on your project at our premises or can be deployed at your location at short notices and for flexible time periods. Contact us for assistance on your BIM requirements today.

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By availing of outsourced BIM services offered by UR CAD Services, businesses like yours draw benefits such as curtailed software and hardware cost, saved time in terms of investing additional time and resources to train the existing team, evade risks, and challenges involved as well as gain access to superior modeling capabilities and related proficiency. Outsource BIM Service, BIM modeling consulting services for designing and engineering projects like BIM Drafting Outsourcing Services, Revit outsourcing, BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, Structure BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, MEP BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services, Structural Detailing Outsourcing Services, 3D Modeling Outsourcing Services, 4D Simulation Outsourcing Services, BIM Implementation Outsourcing Services, BIM Modeling Services, Building Design, Scan to BIM, Architectural and Outsourcing Services BIM and Drafting Services at cost-effective prices to clients across US, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE. 

Our clients consists of various project stakeholders – architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, fabricators, manufacturers, and facility managers. Our competent BIM engineering teams have extensive experience working in a variety of projects such as residential, commercial & entertainment complexes, educational & healthcare institutions, heavy civil & infrastructure constructions, etc. From covering the projects in the USA, UK, Europe and across the globe, we have successfully established our name in the BIM industry.

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