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BIM Coordination Services

Outsource BIM Coordination Services

Get spatially well coordinated BIM models and drawings for

smooth progression of your projects

BIM Coordination Services

MEP BIM coordination services involve producing constructability reviews and clash detection reports with virtual and personal coordination meetings with construction managers, consultants, architects, engineers and sub-contractors. With the help of efficient BIM MEP coordination services and using the latest software for MEP coordination process, all the services can be coordinated through the process of quality checks.

With proficiency in latest software, the BIM coordination process encompasses carrying out constructability reviews, clash detection and generation of clash reports and conducting regular coordination meetings with our clients.


URCADServices leverages a highly-educated, experienced, and professional drafting team with experience in commercial, institutional including universities and schools, and industrial. We understand the owners and contractors’ requirements and specifications – our attention to detail will ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our ability to deliver results to clients. 

Why Outsource BIM Coordination Services?

When you outsource BIM Coordination Services, we can coordinate several elements related to the construction such as design, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, fire fighting and other services and ensure that all these elements complement each other and fit together.

We offer the following BIM Coordination Services

  • Coordination between the architectural and structural elements

  • Coordination of the MEP/HVAC elements with the architectural and structural elements

  • Coordination of Façade elements with the structural elements

  • The Two-Stage Method of Clash Detection

Benefits of outsourcing MEP coordination services:

  • Our BIM MEP coordination services help you reduce the errors made by design team members and construction team

  • We can improve the efficiencies of building construction with MEP coordination services.

  • We meet world-class quality consistently with a streamlined workflow.

  • Our BIM MEP coordination services help reduce the waste of construction material and thereby save cost for material

  • We use most advanced technology and continuously innovate methods that maximize value to clients

  •  We, the unbiased moderator, treat all project teams with respect and give the opportunity to create data-driven decisions to ensure project safety, fix on budget and get better outputs.

We follow a two-stage method for clash detection to help you save time, money and rework

Stage 1: Carrying out coordination using a BIM tool
Stage 2: Carrying out clash detection using clash detection tool     

There is no doubt that you can save your precious time and hard earned money from wasting with our BIM MEP coordination services.

Fueled by the experience gained over a span of 12 years and by a team of highly competent workforce of BIM engineers, we offer our global clientele of Architects, Engineers and MEP contractors BIM coordination services.

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