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Outsource CAD Conversion and take advantage of lowest pricing on Paper to CAD Conversion, PDF to CAD conversion, and 2D to 3D Conversion services. UR CAD Services provided the most affordable CAD digitization Services.

We offer the low price CAD Conversion Services. All your scanned data will be digitized at a low price. Outsource CAD Conversion to us to provide the best quality of CAD digitization services at considerable low prices.

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Affordable CAD Conversion Services from India

URCADServices offers the highest quality CAD conversion services at an affordable pricing. We have professional with experience in CAD Conversion Services to help you to convert paper, PDF and scanned drawings into accurate and editable CAD Drawings. Our Services include CAD Conversion, CAD Digitization, and Raster to vector conversion.


We offer conversion from one CAD platform to another like DWG to DGN Conversion. JPG to DWG Conversion. PDF to DWG conversion, scan-based images to CAD Conversion. Our CAD Conversion services cover Paper designs to 2D or 3D, 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D to 2D conversion. We offer legacy drawing conversion from PDF to DWG conversion. DWG to DGN conversion - enables you to access and edit DWG files in the DGN format. Raster to vector conversion. Migration to latest CAD systems. Outsource Paper to CAD conversion, PDF to CAD Conversion to URCADServices and get all your scanned data and graphics digitized at a low price.


URCADServices delivers high-quality CAD Conversion Services assisting our clients in converting their old paper drawings, scanned drawings to precise to every dimension and editable CAD drawings. When you outsource CAD Conversion to URCADServices, we manually draft everything from the scanned drawing.


We provide CAD conversion services worldwide, our team has the exposure to international codes and standards and can handle every stream of engineering and architecture including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering and architecture projects. When you outsource CAD conversion services to URCADServices,  you get access to quality CAD Conversion Services. We not only offer quality work but also deliver quickly. Outsourcing CAD conversion and Paper to CAD conversion will enable you to get the CAD conversion work done like a pro and be highly competitive.  Contact us to provide the best quality CAD digitization services at considerable low prices.

CAD Conversion Services offered at URCADServices

We at URCADServices offer a variety of CAD Conversion Services using a wide range of software. We detailed some of our services below. Our CAD Conversion Services include:

  • Paper to CAD Conversion:  As we understand for Paper to CAD conversion, we convert your paper drawings to accurate CAD drawings. We will first scan your paper drawings or blueprints and converted to digitally accurate CAD drawings.

  • PDF to CAD Conversion: By PDF to CAD Conversion, it is a process of re-drafting the scanned drawings to digitally precise CAD drawing. Be it architectural blueprints or civil engineering drawings we re-draft all drawings with the elements like walls, windows, curbs, pavements etc. in their respective layers.

  • Image to CAD Conversion: We convert images of any quality to perfect CAD drawings with accurate measurements and CAD elements as required by your standards.

  • 2D to 3D Conversion: We can convert your 2D drawings to 3D CAD drawings.  Input can be in any format (paper, image, PDF), we will convert your 2D drawings to 3D CAD drawings. 


We at URCADServices, we deliver CAD Conversion projects flawlessly. We have experience in transforming all type of civil drawings, architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, floor plans, conceptual drawings, schematic drawings, survey drawings to CAD formats.  

CAD Conversion Services and benefits of outsourcing to India

We at URCADServices maintain the highest quality by following the best CAD drafting practices. We have years of combined experience in engineering and architectural drafting that translates into high-quality CAD plans for your use. When you outsource PDF to CAD Conversion to us, you get the following benefits:

  • We try to maintain 99% accuracy 

  • We Work with any format from PDF to image

  • We use standard blocks and attributes on your drawings.

  • We keep custom layers specified by you. 

  • We maintain the actual dimension of the drawings.

  • We maintain snap on/off, grid on/off on/off on your drawings.

  • Dedicated team or drafters based on your requirements 

  • A qualified team of drafters will be deployed on CAD drafting and CAD conversion jobs

  • The team works under the supervision of engineers and architects.


When you decide to outsource CAD conversion, we do all that needs to be done to meet your expectations. We help you to increase your productivity and reduce your costs. We have the right skills and capacity to assist you on your CAD conversion projects be it a small PDF to CAD Conversion or huge conversion requirement, we take all projects seriously and deliver high-quality CAD drawings.

Outsource CAD Conversion and save up to 60% on your project cost

We have a team of CAD drafters with exposure in architecture and engineering drafting.  We re-draft your drawings with accurate measurements and CAD layers and CAD elements. When you outsource CAD Conversion projects to us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

+  Expertise in CAD tools

+  Highest quality CAD Drawings
+  Best CAD drafting practices 
+  Multiple turnaround options
+  Projects are 100% confidential 
+  Simple & Economical Pricing Structure

+  3-level quality control process

+  Maintain the highest level of accuracy

+  Quick client query solving
+  Speedy project delivery


We offer different types of cad conversion services like 2d to 3d, 3d architecture, and modeling, Paper to CAD Conversion Services to engineers, architects, engineering, architectural and construction firms. 


Contact us for your CAD Conversion Outsourcing requirements today

When you outsource CAD Conversion projects to us, you not only save on software, infrastructure, and human resources. This gives you additional benefits of being competitive, meeting tight deadlines and increasing your efficiency.  

Outsource CAD conversion services to the best drafters for highest accuracy, customs layers and blocks, perfect CAD entities, and competitive pricing.

Our range of CAD conversion or CAD Digitization services includes Civil Drawings, Architectural Drawings, Mechanical drawings, 3D CAD modeling, Paper to CAD conversion, 2D to 3D conversion.

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